How to Recycle Your Packaging

The good news is that our bucket system is completely re-usable and eventually recyclable!

At COSMAFOLIA, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to minimise the amount of waste generated.
We are constantly trialling new packaging solutions and cold chain innovations.

Is everything in your box really reusable and recyclable? YES!
You can simply return your previous bucket, box, liner and lid with your Delivery driver. We will reuse what we can, and recycle the rest.
We’ll even credit you for it.

If you can’t return your bucket, box, liner & lid; talk to your body corporate or neighbourhood about recycling in your area, or follow these links to learn more about the companies and organisations who are making recycling possible.

Cardboard Box

Made from a combination of virgin and recycled material, your COSMFOLIA box can be placed in your regular recycling.
Alternatively, your box can be returned with your Delivery driver.
Please make sure it’s all dry and clean.

Thank you

Cape Town:

Residential and Business Collection Service:
CurbCycle Recycling (covers most areas)

Municipal Drop Off Guide


Pikitup – Find a Facility


Collections: SW Collectors